И озарит тебя, и озарит меня / Shine on us

Year of production: 2022
Duration: 08:24
Film summary: On an island, an energy-generating lighthouse to provide heat to keep the island warm and hospitable. However, with the lighthouse running out of energy, the island might end up with ice and cold.
"K-273" is a robot responsible for replacing the energy core in the lighthouse.
On his way to the lighthouse, he accidentally saves a squirrel from being frozen to death and takes it along. Yet, the lighthouse is losing energy faster than expected, and the severe weather is making this mission more critical.
Director: Shang-Yan Jiang

Director's biography: Born 1999 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Graduated from Kun Shan University in 2022.

I think the robot represent each of us. I was taught right or wrong through education and the environment, so I want to express the idea of lighting up our “Heart” and giving positive energy to everyone around us. That’s the spirit of life.

Категория/Category: Короткометражный мультфильм (конкурсная программа)/Animation short film (competition program)

Страна/Country: Тайвань/Taiwan

Возраст/Age: 12+

Сеанс/Session: 1.10.2022 15:30 «Гигант», большой зал

Сеанс/Session: 2.10.2022 11:30 «Гигант», новый зал