Где мой мячик для снятия стресса? / Where’s My Stress Ball

Movie name in Russia: Где мой мячик для снятия стресса?
Year of production: 2020
Duration: 01:15
Film summary: Where’s My Stress Ball is a music-synchronised piece of abstract animation created during the coronavirus pandemic. Though created during a tough time under quarantine, the film abstracts the stressfulness into something playful and positive by picturing lively balls in and out of frames, and in dashes of colour.
Director:  OR Chun Yiu

Director's biography: OR Chun Yiu is a creative media student from City University of Hong Kong and is new in the field of abstract/experimental animation. He started making animation a short time ago and would like to engage in more similar projects in the future. With the enthusiasm in design, his works are always inspired by graphic arts and infused with geometrical patterns. As a typical Hongkonger, though Chun Yiu struggles with his life, those difficult times sometimes become a source of inspiration for his creations; just like Where’s My Stress Ball that he has under the coronavirus stress in this extremely populated city.

Категория/Category: Короткометражный мультфильм (конкурсная программа)/Animation short film (competition program)

Страна/Country: Гонконг/Hong Kong

Возраст/Age: 0+

Сеанс/Session: 30.09.2022 11:00 «Гигант», большой зал

Сеанс/Session: 1.10.2022 10:00 «Совкино», зал Мираж