Это / It

Year of production: 2022
Duration: 06:40
Film summary: The short film depicts a protagonist full of "hallucinations", who always reveals his "beastly nature" at different points in time or under different events. These hallucinations orderly and progressively show the main character's "tiger head and snake tail" day...
Artwork idea description:
The film is named "牠", pronounced "tā", which is a pronoun mainly used for animals. The author believes that the simple word "it" can explain the various animal forms that appear in the film.
The design of the characters and scenes in the story is relatively brief, and the screen design is mainly in simple black and white lines and some colorful embellishments, with no ups and downs in the plot setting. Through the freshness and curiosity of the changing images of people and animals, the story conveys the life feelings of the protagonist and tries to use the practice of animalizing the characters and personifying the animals to present a picture of the relationship between people and people, people and groups, and people themselves and groups themselves, etc. It is a metaphor for a complex public society and focuses on the social problems of people in terms of identity, position, rights, and collectivity.
Director: Xia Fei
Director's biography: Female (Student)
Jiangxi Province, China
Bachelor's/Master's Degree, both in Animation, Jiangxi Normal University

Категория/Category: Короткометражный мультфильм (конкурсная программа)/Animation short film (competition program)

Страна/Country: Китай/China

Возраст/Age: 18+

Сеанс/Session: 1.10.2022 17:00 «Гигант», большой зал

Сеанс/Session: 2.10.2022 13:00 «Гигант», новый зал