Друзья / Friends

Year of production: 2022
Duration: 07:50
Film summary: A little girl moves into a new place. She misses her old friends but afraid of making new friends. However, later she is encouraged by a sprite to take the first step.
Director: Jialan Sun
Director's biography: Jialan Sun is a Chinese 3D Animator based in NYC right now. She has a passion in telling stories and expressing emotions.

Категория/Category: Внеконкурсная программа/Out-of-competition

Страна/Country: Китай/China

Возраст/Age: 0+

Сеанс/Session: 30.09.2022 10-30 «Совкино», зал Молодежный

Сеанс/Session: 1.10.2022 18:00 «Совкино», зал Молодежный