Колыбельная / Lullaby

Year of production: 2021
Duration: 13:05
Film summary: A young family lives in a mountainous area near a small lake. Their baby is sick. Nothing helps. The father prays to the gods, tying ribbons to the sacred tree. He invites baksy to the house. Baksy discovers an evil spirit that strangles the life force from the child. He fights against the dark forces, but he defeats, and the exhausted baksy leaves their house, letting the helpless parents alone in their misfortune and misery. At night, the desperate mother goes to the lake and begs the great Umai Ana for help. With the rays of moonlight, the goddess of motherhood and family hearth appears in the yurt. There starts a fierce battle between good and evil for the life of a child. An ancient lullaby, intertwoven with ancient prayers, runs like a red thread through the entire film. It is the last thing the parents cling to hope in their hearts, and it becomes a hymn of victory over evil, light over darkness, and life over death.
Director:  Dilshat Rakhmatullin

Director's biography: Rakhmatullin Dilshat Nazhukovich - Kazakhstan director of animation films.

Born in 28.08.1985, Baiseit village, Almaty region.

In 2004 graduated from Almaty College of Decorative and applied arts named O.Tansykbayev (AKDPI), on a specialty “Easel painting”.

In 2011 graduated from T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh national Art Academy (KAZNAA), “Cinematography and TV” faculty, Animation Directing department.

Since 2008 founder and director of the «Dala Animation» studio.

Категория/Category: Короткометражный мультфильм (конкурсная программа)/Animation short film (competition program)

Страна/Country: Казахстан/Kazakhstan

Возраст/Age: 12+

Сеанс/Session: 1.10.2022 15:30 «Гигант», большой зал

Сеанс/Session: 2.10.2022 11:30 «Гигант», новый зал